True Champagne only comes from Champagne, France

The Comité Champagne

The Comité Champagne (also known as the CIVC) was created in 1941 to act jointly on behalf of growers and Champagne houses. The Comité Champagne works for the benefit of Champagne vineyards and Champagne wines alike, through economic, technical and environmental initiatives, alongside actions to promote quality, organize the industry, enhance communication, develop the region's prestige and protect the name of Champagne around the world.

The Comité Champagne invests in viticultural and oenological research programs to optimize the knowledge base available across the region.

With offices in 12 countries, the Comité Champagne plays an active part in the development, recognition and protection of the Champagne name, with particular emphasis on tools designed to deliver the Champagne message.

The Comité Champagne comments on

“The outcome of our application for UNESCO listing is a substantial success for everyone in Champagne. Our legacy is a source of pride. The presentation that we offer here is anchored in the values and know-how of our forebears, and made with leading-edge, innovative technologies – a perfect expression of our mission and the vision that we wish to present today, of a region developed in a wholly modern manner with stringent attention to quality. This video presentation will give you an experience of our rich heritage as vivid as if you were here in person.”


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